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Why Cyber Security

Barack Obama (2015)

“Just as we're all connected like never before, we have to work together like never before, both to seize opportunities but also meet the challenges of this information age. It's one of the great paradoxes of our time that the very technologies that empower us to do great good can also be used to undermine us and inflict great harm.”

It takes years to build a brand

Seconds to lose!

The real "Catch Me If You Can"

The biggest thing that concerns me is when we start getting countries using cybercrime to shut down infrastructure, electricity, communications systems, the Internet.

Frank Abnagale (FBI)


Bloomberg (2019)

Sixty-one percent of firms experienced a cyber attack in the past year, compared to 45% in 2018. The median cost for losses associated with cyber incidents also soared from $229,000 to $369,000.

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