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Astrolab Team

The Passion Behind the Business

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Managing Director


John is the Founder of PNG owned ISP and ICT development company Astrolab.


An experienced PNG born executive with an extensive development network, aiming to heavily reduce internet costs in country, and make PNG a global leader in satellite communications, internet capabilities and cyber security.


John was the Executive Director for Corporate Affairs at APEC during the foundation, implementation and delivery phases of APEC in Papua New Guinea. Whilst there, he assisted on behalf of the Government of Papua New Guinea in the foundation of the Australian DFAT funded National Cyber Security Centre in Port Moresby, a state of the art cyber security facility that is increasing it’s protective reach every day into state assets, protecting PNG and it’s most important faculties in the online space in an increasingly hostile digital world.


John speaks two PNG languages and holds management training, pedigree and experience specifically in the Public sector alongside project management education and experience. In his opinion, now that state assets and infrastructure have successfully started on the road to having world class protections in place, run here in Papua New Guinea, the private sector must follow suit.

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David is the Co-Founder of Internet 2.0 and Partner at Astrolab.  He is an experienced and successful Entrepreneur and Investor. He also is an amateur Winemaker and founded a bi-lingual Montessori School in Southern Austria. 


David retired is from the Australian Army (Australian Intelligence Corps) at the rank of Captain. David’s Service record notes active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. David speaks three languages, holds a Bachelor of Arts from UNSW. He gradated into Intelligence from the Defence Force School of Intelligence after completing Officer training at the Royal Military College-Duntroon and serving with the 7th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment. 

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Cyber Partner

Robert Potter is the Co-Founder of Internet 2.0. Robert is technology focused and aims at solving the big problems with innovation. He is very creative. Robert is an experienced cyber security executive and incident response lead. He has held senior advisor roles in Cyber Security within the Australian Shadow Cabinet and Government


He is also a Cyber Security Fellow at the Centre for Rule-Making Strategies in Tokyo. He also holds a Senior Fellowship at the Arirang Institute in Seoul. Prior to this, he was the Head of Cyber Operations at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence.


Robert has traveled North Korea and written extensively on their cyber security capabilities. He has also regularly responded to North Korean cyber attacks on behalf of clients. Robert was engaged as an adviser to the Board of the New Payments Platform, a real time SWIFT based payment system deployed by the major banks within Australia

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