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Astrolab PNG

Astrolab is a Papua New Guinean owned Internet Service Provider and Cyber Security business

Founded and operated in Papua New Guinea with the aim of  achieving universal internet access

First Meshed Network Implementation in PNG

largest Global Satellite Capability

Keeping PNG in step with the Global Cloud

Cyber Security

Astrolab Services

Supporting PNG in the Digital Economy

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Internet Services

Internet Services Across PNG

  • High Speed Internet

    • All sites speeds are capable of 50Mbps

  • Monthly Bandwidth rates

    • Competitively Priced

    • Guaranteed bandwidth

  • Maintenance and agility of connection to all new infrastructure

Cyber Security

Astrolab understands that due to the high costs of Internet Cyber security is really hard to achieve.

  • Secure Internet as a Service with Internet 2.0 Routers.

    • Defend against,

      • Malware,

      • Ransomware,

      • phishing emails

    • 2.0 Encryption

  • Maintain a secure back-up

  • Cyber Incidence Response

  • Consulting 

    • Penetration testing 

    • Cyber Security Audit

Websites + 

Cloud Services

We want all of our customers to experience professionalism when working online to grow their online platform.


Our Website and Cloud Services enable you to grow your business for the Digital Economy.

  • Website

    • Development

    • Hosting

    • Marketing 

    • SEO Optimized

    • Social Media Focused​

  • Cloud Services

    • AWS or Azure​


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